Nominations now being accepted for George Washington Carver Award

George Washington Carver AwardProvision University wants to award those in every community who demonstrate the innovation, productivity and compassion that George Washington Carver exhibited.

The person in the community that works with whatever talent or resources they have to make life better for their neighbors and less fortunate.   Like George Washington Carver getting things done on a personal level to make a positive difference in real people’s lives.   Special emphasize will be placed on work in the area of recycling, alternative energy, local food production, as well as “off the grid” and “green” efforts.



Provision University virtual learning center’s,  president Dan Copelin  said.  we want to recognize those like George Washington Carver in each community.    Those in our community who put service ahead of profit.    Those who aren’t afraid to work on the small things in life.   Some say that GWC single handedly  saved the south from the disaster of antiquated agricultural practices, while developing new ways for poor farmers to survive and prosper.     In order to sincerely fight poverty, hunger,  and the problems that have crippled  America, we needs this approach today.    America can’t count on the giant corporations or big government to solve the problems facing us.    We must look to the small businesses, the individuals, the people with passion and a compassionate human heart to make real progress.    Provision’s  has the mission of helping the needy feed themselves, helping those struggling financially to provide for themselves.   We are looking to the innovative, compassionate individuals  the true strength of American.   Provision University is offering a free course “Learn-Off-The-Grid-Living” which focuses on many of the subjects GWC promoted.


Nominations need to be submitted via email to  a brief summary of the nominee’s contribution with contact info.    Pictures and short videos are welcome.

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