Supermarket Greenhouses

How Rooftop Greenhouses Could Revolutionize The Supermarket


This greenhouse at the Manhattan School for Children was built by BrightFarms Inc. Photo credit: BrightFarms

BrightFarms is a startup that builds and operates urban greenhouses for supermarkets. In December, the New York City local-food company raised $4.3 million in Series A funding, and last week it secured the right to build a sprawling rooftop greenhouse in Brooklyn that may grow a million pounds of produce a year.

The company’s hydroponic greenhouses use no soil but can grow greens year-round in any climate, according to CEO Paul Lightfoot. BrightFarms has built several greenhouses in NYC and plans to open three supermarket farms this year.

I recently interviewed Lightfoot about the company’s unique business model, and how moving produce from faraway farms to the supermarket roof might affect customers, farmers, and grocers.

This story from Forbes explains what a great potential greenhouses could have.   Not only from the wholesalers, residential and commercial but also the great potential to use greenhouses as part of a retail supermarket operation.    Why not bring the actual growing of food into the customers domain?


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