Where Have All The Inventors Gone?

Where have all the inventors gone?

Are the days went every other garage on every other block was occuped with the young tinkers and innovators?    America has always been know for its Yankee ingenuity, seems to have went the way of the rest of the world.   Or is it that the greatest of the innovators have been snatched up by the corporate labs?   Could it be that the new patient laws are so weighted in favor of the “to big to fail” conglomerates that the small inventors have given up?

Provision University is attempting to revive the flame of inventiveness in the everyday individual.   America needs something like the X-prize but for the small innovators not for the mega labs of the corporate world.   Why focus on the small when the big all the resources and talent?   America’s core seems to be so tied to the spirit of freedom to express and invent that when one goes the other is sure to follow.   Many say that America’s freedoms are fleeing with the progress of centralization and the big corporate world.

Provision University is saying lets get back to the decentralized.   Where like every community had its own unique cafe, every individual is encouraged to express themselves by whatever talents God gave them.

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